Home in home solution centre is an NGO,
Christian based organization, laid to minister to
the youths, teenagers, those at home and in the street.
Home in Home solution centre was initiated in May 2013,
being a platform of sporting activities for the youths
and the street boys. After a few month, with the help
of few members we established a certificate from the
office of NGo,s and got authorized to run the


To develop talent to the youths, minister reach out and transform lives.


To stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.


HOME IN HOME SOLUTION CENTRE is an organization operating in NAIROBI, KENYA.



Naomi Winslet

Naomi is the most friendly person as she is the one who fell in love with the idea of helping street kids and getting them a home in one way or the other. Others find her very bossy but that only happens when you make a joke on her work.

David Njoroge "Nduata"

David is the project manager and the head coach of the home in home football Academy. David works closely with Naomi to keep our program running smoothly. He also hosts volunteers at his home.

Anthony Njenga Anthony Njenga"Vali"

Based in the volunteer house. Anthony is our volunteer liaison. He'll act as your first point of contact with the volunteer coordinators.

Kelvin Njenga "Kuria"

Kelvin is the one who fell in love with the concept of volunteering with its potential for good work. Kelvin is the volunteer coordinator as well as the marketing director of home in home volunteers. Kelvin is very good at story telling and you would easily note when he is around.




GRAHAM SULLIVAN is a world traveler and humanitarian. He has traveled to over 109 countries and in each country does something positive for it's locals. Graham has dreamed of seeing every country in the world and is 89 countries shy of the world record of being the youngest solo world traveler to step foot all over the globe. Graham has volunteered in Kenya in the passed and is looking forward to arriving there soon to provide aid to fund educational programs and new endeavors. Graham is an outgoing, young adult who believes in the power of mindset... and that with any hardship can be changed with a positive attitude.


Kassandra Montgomery

Kassandra Montgomery fell in love with the act of volunteering in the year 2013 during her first visit in Kenya when she encountered with Graham and Kelvin. She is very friendly and loves helping kids. Kassandra works hand in hand with Graham to ensure that Home In Home gets volunteers and that the project is stable.

Louise Martens

Louise Martens is from Belgium and is of age 21years. she studies African Languages and cultures at the university of Ghent. She is one of the volunteer ambassadors from Belgium and she quotes "I fell in love with Africa from the first moment i set foot on the continent. The nature, animals, culture, language and people are all so prodigious. My first time in Kenya was in 2016 when i spent 4 weeks volunteering with school children and orphans. it was one of the most greatest experiences in my life."